Michael GordonMichael has been a freelance DP/Cameraman and Field Producer for over a dozen years. He served as the Multimedia Video Producer for the trade magazine “The Hollywood Reporter” for over 4 years and built the entire video department from scratch as well as field produced, DP’d, shot and edited online video content for THR.com. Prior to THR, Michael worked freelance as POV camera producer for The X Games San Francisco, Philadelphia and Aspen. He also shot for Tennis Channel and NFL Network. Michael served as segment producer and editor for a show with NBA Entertainment. Also, Michael was one of the main camera operators for ESPN’s “Bonds on Bonds (Barry Bonds’ Pursuit of The Home Run Record).” Michael grew up on the sidelines of the UVA football field and basketball court, taking photos on the sidelines from the age of 12 for his father, who was a sports writer for a local area paper.  This early experience has cultivated his passion for all types of sports, but especially his love for and devotion to Steeler Nation!